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In an increasingly globalized world, with growing concerns and actions raised by various nations, sustainability has been applied in several segments of the private activity, in cities across the world.

In this same strand, through the cooperation of entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive business experience and knowledge in various fields, at an international level, in Portugal and in Paraguay have been founded the companies

Unigroupeurope / Ubespar and Unigroup Mercosur, a pool of partner companies that operate in several sustainable businesses, such as:

Renewable Energy Photovoltaics, eolics and biomass

Efficient and innovative energy generation solutions, through clean and renewable sources, in a global scenario that needs constant evolution in the development of the energy matrix of the future.

Sanitation and treatment treatment of water, sewer solutions, solid waste and recycling;

In a growing context of urban conglomerates, strategic structural sustainability solutions are needed, to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the population, focusing on the most effective technologies for reuse and/or manage ultimate safe destruction of toxic materials.

Refrigeration And air-conditioning (patented)

The proper use of electric power is a key factor of extreme relevance for any business. Energy costs incidence reduction in the industrial and services sectors, represents an index of high competitiveness, as well as of active commitment to the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Electric and hydrogen vehicles

The progressive trend towards a declining use of traditional vehicles is being established not only by concern for the environment but also by the costs involved in the logic of personal transport, subject to the volatility of fossil fuel prices.

Civil construction infrastructure, real estate (Built to Suite / Public Private Partnerships)

Our partner’s Companies actions are guided by high technical skills, social responsibility and focus on the most advanced needs of the modern consumer. In real estate, we operate in areas of significant value appreciation, with highly prestigious solutions. In the infrastructural context, competence and versatility are guaranteed, in order to obtain results that meet the community aims and are financially sustainable.

Agribusiness, Reforestation and Mineral assets: iron, copper, lithium, manganese, silicon, granites, niobium and precious stones;

Agribusiness is a progressively growing sector in the global macroeconomic matrix. Is a reference field for food production, new fibers and materials development, throughout responsible exploitation of natural resources. Our partners accumulate experience and agility in agribusiness projects management and negotiations of minerals and precious stones.

Technology and entertainment: interactive media and simulators, LED panels and digital media, floatball toy

Quality of life, recreation and leisure time, entertainment, travel and evasion by everyday life. These topics represent the essence of a segment that will always be more attractive and promising in a context of progressive lengthening of the average life and the need to ensure physical and mental health. Among many new tech features, the wide array of LED technology in the new media resources opens new frontiers for this industry.

Energy Drinks

Peoples concern about health stability and life quality is reflected in eating habits changes, along with growing dedication to physical activity. Energy drinks are performing a growing penetration in day-by-day consumption trends that confirms an expanding business.

Shows, travels, movies and television productions

Events management, movie productions and corporate travel organization.

Venes Global


It is a new concept of verticalization of sustainable business, directly participating in the development of companies in the countries where we operate.

Our goal is to make business feasible in the countries where we are already consolidated, using our national and international partnerships, through operations of bank guarantees, funds and international investors. This will transform these ventures into real business opportunities while maximizing return on investment, stimulating the economy, generating new jobs and expanding industries.

It is a self-sustainable network, in which all businesses revolve around the group itself as well as other partner companies. This makes it possible to serve the whole of Mercosur, BRICS countries (Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), the Americas and other countries of the European Union, Asia and the United Arabian Emirates.

The company acts as a holding to promote sustainability in projects and ventures, through other companies/members in various segments of the market. One of these partners is Unigroup Mercosur S/A in Paraguay for the operation and feasibility of all business in South America.

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